Adios Amigos!

Thank you for reading our blog!

We’ve left South America with so many fond memories.

We’ve packed our bags again and are attempting to travel back to New Zealand without flying. We have a new blog (which we will hopefully update more frequently) so track our travels home at

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New York: ‘I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep’

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Two vagabonds, one with no shoes, we arrived in NY. I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased to hear the English language, 8 months of concentrating on what I was saying was quite taxing, but I now realise that most of what people say in public is just a load of rubbish. Chinatown was our new home and Little Italy our dinning location for our first meal out. Time Square and shopping at midnight, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park for ice creams, Harlem for a burger, the Staten Island ferry and to see the big lady and a walk around (getting lost) in lower Manhattan. A game at Yankees Stadium, thanks to the staff for accepting our Peruvian produced $20 bill. No win or corporate box for Rach this year but armed with beer in Yankees cups it was still a great night out. “Boston Suxs, the Met’s suck, everybody suxs” YANKEES!

Our trip to the Airport was made interesting thanks to a little help from ASB cancelling my credit card and leaving us with no money trapped in the metro. Apparently someone at some point fraudulently used an ASB card there so using mine there caused it to be blocked, thanks! Forget the fact that we had been using it for the past three days with no problems. We made it thanks to a NZ post pressie card (thanks ACC going away present).

Goodbye travels hello real life!

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