Argentina: Balmy BA Days

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After an airport reunion worthy of a spot in ´Love Actually´, Steve and I spent a couple of days wandering the leafy cobblestone streets of Palermo, Buenos Aires; catching up, enjoying steaks the size of our face, quarter litre icecreams, fresh berries and the warm weather.

We took the warm weather as a sign to head to the beaches in Uruguay for some sun, relaxation and our first dip in the Atlantic! More on that later…

Now we are settled back in Buenos Aires where we have rented an apartment (which appropriately overlooks a soccer field) for two weeks with a couple Steve met during his time on the organic farm at Aldea Luna, Marta and Guilluame. They are both easy-going, fun, speak a million languages and are all things amazing!

It has been a great opportunity to explore the city at our own pace and get a real feel for life here.

We are fitting into as much of a daily routinue as two unemployed, carefree people can have but sometimes find ourselves hating on siesta and staying up until four in the morning wondering how it got that late! I love the fact that there is always something going on… We have stumbled across dog walkers with fifteen dogs, many couples unafraid of public displays of affection hehe, dancers in the streets, free photography displays in parks, and family Sunday lunch celebrations that have sprawled out into the street.

And we have done the main touristy things such as visiting the brightly coloured, soccer mad, La Boca, wandering through the bustling San Telmo antiques markets, tango-ing through the courtyards of La Casa Rosada (the presidential palace), visiting the catedral where San Martin´s tomb is and the famous Recoleta cemetry.

We are stumbling along with our Spanish. When we say we don´t understand, it seems to make people talk even faster. But there is a real sense of satisfaction when you are able to converse. The biggest compliment I received to date is someone thinking I was Italian. But Steve has even been cracking jokes much to the delight of our local butcher and those in the Colonia police station.

In summary, loving every moment of Buenos Aires!

About Two Flightless Birds

We're a fun-loving pair of kiwis, attempting to travel home to New Zealand from Scotland without flying.
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4 Responses to Argentina: Balmy BA Days

  1. Shaun says:

    Nice post Rach! Keep em coming!!

  2. Kailey says:

    Woohoo first to comment!! 🙂 Your write a mighty fine blog entry Rachy. Love love love seeing some photos finally, especially the ones of you and Stevie looking footloose & fancy free on the streets of BA (your locks are looking most lusciously long…and darkest of brown?!). Will send a reply to your email sooon but yes, I can most definitely get up early to skype. Much love – Kails xx

  3. Holly says:

    I love your blog, your holiday and you! It’s wonderful. Feliz nuevo ano mis bebes, besous!! xoxo

  4. Mary & Jim Powell says:

    Hi Rachael

    So good to hear from you. I loved reading your blog ( the first one I’ve ever read!!) and the photos are great, especially the one of you and Steve tangoing. Enjoy your travels and hold on tight to your wallet and passport!

    Mary & Jim

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