Argentina: Road to the Farm

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With no plan, no hostel (despite some last minute searching with Rach’s help) and no idea, I boarded my flight to BA leaving the rest to fate and luck. The following few weeks rewarded and punished my lack of planning in many different ways. A crazy women offering the word of god to me, a local couple throwing fouling smelling liquid on me to try and separate me from my wallet and a 22 hour bus trip to Salta occupied my first few days (little did I know that me and Rach would experience much worse). Wasn´t all bad though, got to wander around BA for the first time, become accustomed to the people and sights of what was to become my second favourite city after Auckland, sorry Wellington. 22 hours on a bus is not pleasant even on an Argentinian luxury bus. A couple of crappy meals, were not enough to alleviate what seemed like an eternity, small town big city, small town, big city, but I made it to Salta. From there it was plain sailing to the farm, with a side trip around the NW with a some new friends I meet at the hostel. Lamas, mountains and salt lakes were but a few of the treats.

The farm days were pleasant and relaxed once you get used to the four hours of digging or chopping, followed by four hours of planting and general standing around each day. One of the Frenchies at the farm offered the best piece of advice I was to receive there. He said to me as he leaned on a shovel, ¨We’re not slaves, it’s time for a break¨. This was pretty much how it was at the farm, work until tired or too hot then rest stating we’re not slaves, followed by general agreement by everyone involved. Another revelation was that I quite enjoy vege food (sorry Gav and Argentina), this was probably down to Liz, one of the owners and her ability to take what I used to regard as an optional side and make it into a taste sensation.

A few parties hosted in the dinning hall by DJ Martin (owner Liz´s husband) a few too many fernet and cokes, frankly one is too many and more than a few house wines and beers made for an enjoyable month at the farm. Little did I know at this point but it also provided us with our indespensible travelling friends Marta and Guillaume.

You can visit the Aldea luna website for more info on the farm,

After talking to Rach on Skype, I got excited to see her again and start our travels together. No more traveller chat about where you have been and how cool you are, well no more having to listen to it by myself anyways, Thanks Rach.

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