Chile: Just chilling!

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After seeing in the new year, we headed to Chile both a little bit EXCITED. Travelling in Chile is just that little bit easier with the added bonus of seafood, spices and beaches!

The steak, baked goods and fresh fruit had been amazing throughout Argentina but I found myself reaching desparately for my shichimi (Japanese seven chilli seasoning) at nearly every meal. It had reached the point where I thought could never eat another ham and cheese sandwich so our first stop, Valdivia, a little port side university town, came at the perfect time!

We set up our trusty tent in one of our stranger locations, a 75 year old man’s backyard and headed into town. The highlight for us here was the markets – fresh fruit, veges, shellfish, and fish are all sold on the wharf right by the port. You could sit with a smoked salmon, avocado and tomato roll and watch the boats come in with the fish, which was prepared for sale on the edge of the wharf with the fish been passed up to the stall owners and the scraps being thrown down to the SEA LIONS and gulls waiting patiently.

We spent a few days being entertained by the markets, parks and plazas of Valdivia before heading north for Valparaiso for a week.

Pretty pretty Valparaiso! We were spoilt here… A week of sunshine, temperatures in the thirties with sea breezes. Before we left, one of Muzzs friends, Maria had given Steve a list of everything that we should be doing in Valpo. We made our way through most of her AMAZING suggestions trying half a dozen scollaps with lemon juice on the roadside, empanadas with prawns and cheese at the market, giant hotdogs with avocado, tomato and mayo, an odd mix of steak, chips and egg, seafood soups, wine mixed with fruit, pisco sours in old trolley buses, going crazy in the spice section of the market, wandering through the hills and appreciating the street art, reading books and drinking coffee, strolling through open air museums and antique markets, sneaking into Pablo Neruda’s house, chess battles, sunbathing at Vina del Mar and more!

We left Chile very HAPPY!

Enjoy the photos!

Rach xx

About Two Flightless Birds

We're a fun-loving pair of kiwis, attempting to travel home to New Zealand from Scotland without flying.
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5 Responses to Chile: Just chilling!

  1. Laura says:

    Amazing street art! Rach your hair is so blonde!

  2. Holly says:

    Sounds like a delicious visit to Valpo! Did you like your completo?!
    Rachy, did you take that photo of the dogs?!
    Love you guys xx

    • rachandbird says:

      My life was incompleto until I tried it. She asked if we wanted a small one and I was like no way haha then realised my mistake. And yes, that photo of the dogs is all my own work haha x

  3. Mary Powell says:

    I’m so jealous of all the exciting things you’re doing!xx

    • rachandbird says:

      Yes, we are having lots of fun. All coming to an end soon though with our flights booked for Edinburgh (via New York) 5 June. Hope everything is good in Twizel. Hi to everyone x

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