Brasil: Falling for Iguazu and more!

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As we headed to the North of Argentina to see Iguazu Falls, we found ourselves on a ‘shortcut’ through Brasil to Bolivia – Brilliant! During our week here, we saw the Brasil side of Iguazu Falls, snorkelled in Bonito and marvelled at the nature in the Pantanal.

The sights, the sounds, the splash back of the water, the cool relief from 35 degree heat, the giddy feeling that you get being right amongst something so grand, the walking from fall to fall which gave you many different perspectives and made Iguazu Falls an amazing experience.

From there it was onto Bonito where we snorkelled down clear spring rivers filled with fish and ‘domestic alligators’. We hoping that was just one of those things that got lost in translation so laughed it off and were lucky not to spot any.

And then onto the Pantanal. Three mosquito ridden days which were made up for by the fact that we felt like we right amongst all the wildlife. We saw monkeys, caiman, cabybara, otters, spiders galore and countless birds.

All in all, a brilliant short cut!

Rach xo

About Two Flightless Birds

We're a fun-loving pair of kiwis, attempting to travel home to New Zealand from Scotland without flying.
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